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To add vocational tasks you need to have an account on our platform. After you log in, you need to choose one of the three internship programs: “Electrician – RES”, “Building insulation specialist – CO2” or “Food technologist – eco food”, presented as tiles. When you choose the internship program, you have an access to the panel where you can edit “My catalogue”, add or browse your internship plans. To add vocational tasks, please click “My catalogue”. You will see a list that you can edit and add new categories or subcategories. To add a category, you need to add its name and click “ADD”, do the same for a subcategory.

An internship plan can be added only if vocational tasks are already created, as they are a basis for the plan. To make a plan, please click one tile on the main page. You will be directed to the panel. If vocational tasks have been created before, you can add an internship plan. Please click "NEW INTERNSHIP", you will be redirected to another page where you can add your plan. At the top of the table you need to enter a name of the plan (this name will be used for your internship plan). Please choose a vocational task from the list and click "ADD". This task will be successfully added if its subcategory has been added before (Please read "1. How can I add vocational tasks?"). After you add your tasks, please choose a subcategory, click "ADD". In the right upper corner of the table, please choose the period in which you want to complete a task. Finally, please click "SAVE AND CREATE PDF".

Yes, you can do it easily by clicking the panel of a chosen educational package. If you want to remove your internship plan, just click the icon "Trash Bin", which is on the right of the name of your internship plan. A similar icon deletes a chosen category from the list of vocational tasks.

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